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GetCloudServices, a division of #IT Solutions Now, is a privately held technology services firm founded in 2003. #GetCloudServices is a leader in the professional   services market with an unwavering dedication to providing the best services available, regardless of platform. We have over 17,000 clients served in over 100 countries.

Exchange Hosting with Unlimited Storage empowers employees, and your organization, while saving money


HIPAA and PCI compliant Desktop as a Service and VDI solutions from and ask for a Cloud Desktop demo today so you can test the speed and functionality of our solution. Call (888) 818-5830 for your Desktop Demo in the Cloud today!

#HIPAA #Compliance in the #Cloud HIPAA regulations apply to all companies that handle personal health information. Since these laws are complex and important, a lot of… Learn more

Purpose of HIPAA

The objective of HIPAA regulations is to keep individual patient information private, while allowing the health system to function properly. While confidential patient information shouldn’t be available to anyone who doesn’t need the information, it should be usable and available to those who need it legitimately (e.g., the caregivers)

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Did you know that most #developers spend the majority of their time rolling out servers and only a small portion of their time doing #software development work?

Did you know that most #developers spend the majority of their time rolling out servers and only a small portion of their time doing #software development work?
Wouldn’t you like to turn that around?
If you choose to partner with

we can bundle it with #PaaS, unifying #IaaS and PaaS, helping you cut costs and boost efficiencies.

#Cloud PaaS from GetCloudServices in a nutshell
Comprehensive monitoring
Self-healing, fault tolerant environment
An array of management features and a user-friendly interface allow you to easily push applications to your cloud
Improved developer productivity

No #proprietary SDK or framework required
#Automated application delivery for reduced #IT management time,
Dramatically reduced set-up time,
build #clustered auto-scaling #solutions with just a few clicks instead of taking weeks to install and configure #servers

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Exchange Hosting ($9.95/month for Unlimited storage) – Microsoft Exchange Mail Hosting empowers users with advanced e-mail and collaboration features of Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA), accessible anytime, from anywhere. Learn more at »

Exchange Archiving – The need for email archiving is constantly growing with the ever-increasing demands on today’s organizations to store, and produce on-the-fly, all sent and received email messages for any given period of time. more at »

Cloud Desktop – With our Cloud Desktop Services there are no servers to manage, software to install, computers to maintain, upgrade, etc. Users simply require an Internet connection and a browser. Learn more at »

Web Hosting – The web hosting service provided by IT Solutions Now facilitates the 24 hour availability of your website on the World Wide Web—all hosted on the reliable Windows platform. All servers are maintained and managed by IT Solutions Now.

SharePoint  – Hosted SharePoint facilitates communication and collaboration for your entire organization. Create and share documents, workspaces, contacts, announcements, calendars and much more. Learn more at »

CRM Hosting – Microsoft® Dynamics CRM provides a powerful support tool to bolster your business’s customer relationship management strategy. Gather information from various sources to give you a real-time comprehensive view of your business.

POP Email Hosting – POP email hosting provides a simple, standardized way for users to access mailboxes and download messages to their computers. Retrieve your messages using an email client such as Outlook Express, Outlook or Eudora.

Cloud Servers – It’s not your traditional web server, it’s the cloud; instead of a single physical server with fixed resources like RAM, Disk Space & Bandwidth, your website & web applications live on a network of servers, simultaneously- see more on link below